Alberto Anaut makes his choice of the world's most talented photographers

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Lunes, 1 Octubre, 2012

Founded Madrid’s contemporary cultural management collective, la Fábrica, when he was still deputy editor of El País. the launch of Matador, the now legendary magazine,proclaimed its mission: to progress contemporary culture in Spain. At its launch, the enterprise was something of a nomad, hosting exhibitions in rented spaces. In 2003, la Fábrica made its permanent home in Madrid, where it has two spaces, including a bookstore. In 2009, it launched another base in barcelona, specializing in photography.

La Fábrica now has a thriving publishing arm, with an extensive list of titles and a healthycontract publishing division; a film and documentary arm, notoDo; runs theatre and performance nights, and is the engine behind Photoespaña, one of the most important photography festivals in the world.