Born in Madrid in 1983 Maruxa Ruiz del Árbol is a Spanish journalist and audiovisual creator. She's been working 17 years for Spain’s highest selling daily paper El Pais both in written and audiovisual sections of the newspaper. She participated as reporter in the only documentary produced by the newspaper about its own history, 'El país con la Constitución'. She was freelance correspondent  in London from 2009 to 2015. During this period she wrote as well for The Guardian, BBC Mundo or Cinco Dias, the leading financial newspaper in the country as well as Tiempo and Dominical, two influential weekly magazines. Her reports on child soldiers in the Congo won the 2010 Codespa Award.

She speaks fluent Italian, English and, of course, Spanish. She studied journalism at Madrid’s Oxbridge-style Complutense University and her first paid work was writing up a European rail journey for Spain’s Via Libre.

She spent the first half of 2020 in Cuba, studying a masters in Documentary filmmaking in the prestigious EICTV, (Internatinal School of Cinema and TV).