Colorado drug reform, a year on

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Little Atoms
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Jueves, 2 Abril, 2015

On 2 of January 2014 hundreds of Colorado people queued in the snow to buy their first bag of legal marijuana. It was already legal for medical consumption but since that morning every citizen over 21 can buy up to 28 grams a time for recreational use.

On that historic day Colorado became the first US state to legalise cannabis. Within the next few months not only did Washington follow suit, but Oregon and Alaska voted for legalisation as well, though in these two states the law hasn’t yet entered statute.

Possession and supplying cannabis is still illegal in the rest of the United States so it isn’t possible to purchase it in places ruled by federal law such as the airports.

So everyone in US is scrutinising the performance of the pioneer Colorado to see if there is room for more states to legalise marijuana. How is Colorado performing?

After marijuana was made legal some suggested there would be more road accidents and a rise in crime and in teenage use of the drug.  But the opposite has proved to be the case, according to a report from the Drug Policy Alliance released six months after the legalization.