Europe's 100 hottest startups 2012: Barcelona

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Wired Magazine UK
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Sábado, 1 Septiembre, 2012

Spain's economic troubles have inevitably caused ripples in the Catalan capital, with funding at a premium and young entrepreneurs wary of committing to new projects in case they fail to attract backing. But the Barcelona city council has been working to change this in recent years with initiatives such as District 22@ -- Barcelona's technology business zone, still under construction -- and regular Barcelona Tech Bridges to Silicon Valley networking events. Dubbed "el districte de la innovació" in Catalan, District 22@ already hosts some 2,000+ companies that have developed a close relationship with the fertile local academic scene. And fresh, successful ideas continue to flow in the Mediterranean city.

"Despite the terrible news coming out of Spain, the Barcelona startup scene is powering on," says José Luis Morales, CFO at travel-networking company OpenDestination. "And it's the scene with the best lifestyle of any major tech cluster in Europe." Here are ten hot prospects in Spain's most hard-working city.