Ferrán Adriá makes his choice of the world's most talented chefs

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Scalpel Editions
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Lunes, 10 Diciembre, 2012

Ferran Adrià  is the creative genius behind the celebrated, Michelin three-star restaurant, El Bulli – a modest beach-side hacienda that topped Restaurant magazine’s poll a record five times and was widely regarded as the best eaterie in the world. In 2014, El Bulli will reopen as the El Bulli Foundation, a  
‘centre for creative excellence’ – the ideal philosophy for a Scalpel surgeon. Adrià is a self-taught chef. He believes that, in the future, the global influence of regional Chinese cookery and the rising power of the internet will have a profound impact on world cuisine, and he recommends three websites for true foodies: www.7canibales.com, www.eater.com and www.gastroeconomy.com.