Washington State: eight months of legal marihuana

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Little Atoms
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Jueves, 2 Abril, 2015

Last summer, Washington State became the second state in USA to allowing the recreational use of marijuana, following in the footsteps of Colorado, which legalised marijuana in January 2014.

It is now legal to sell up to 28 grams of dry marijuana to adults over 21.

Furthermore, one can buy 450 grams of solids with extract of marijuana, 2.1 litres of liquids or seven grams of concentrated marijuana such as hashish. Nevertheless, the use of cannabis in public is prohibited, (as is alcohol consumption).

The price of marijuana is now in the $23 to $25 per gram range. That's about twice the cost at medical dispensaries, but cheaper than it was a few months ago. The State board of drugs expects that price will fluctuate for the next year and a half or so until all the regulations settle.

Medical marijuana was not previously regulated in Washington so the authorities started from zero. Colorado had already a production up and running for the medical uses. But this was not the case in Washington.